1. so i wake up with a stroke of genius inspiration, reach over for my journal and remember its in my backpack in my car… damn there goes that


  2. holy piss guys i got like 50 rolls of expired film for crimas, stoked to use some on my photowalk tomoro

  3. allyouhavetodoislosefaith:

    Played an open mic last night 

    i did so bad haha, i couldn’t remember half the chords to my songs cause i was so nervous 

    i played bad tv by adult braces, trains and anarchy by black death allstars and then punkrockanarchy! which sean played washboard for me on.

    then i played washboard for sean on heard if from the birds

    you should check out his music 

    look guys its me

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  4. "Stump"

  5. "Girl With The Curly Hair"

  6. "Lady by the Fence"


  7. We just ate a whole pizza, currently washing it down with an entire cheese cake

  8. "Climbing Tree"

  9. "Mailboxes"

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  10. "Flooded Forest"

  11. "Dried Branches"

  12. 'The Red Fence”

  13. "Upward"


  14. some good art blogs i should follow?


  15. The single off my upcoming album ‘Clapping Hands’